How great is our God? What we do know is this – that nothing can thwart God’s plans.

We believe that God’s plans were realized in August this year when the 8th Prayer Ministry School was held in our Region.

Just over twelve months ago we were informed that after 5 schools in a local church, we could no longer use those facilities as it “interfered too much with other activities in the building”. There was also some opposition to VMTC and people were discouraged from having anything to do with VMTC. We were saddened of course but believed that God would make a way for us.

Earlier this year things changed dramatically in that congregation. Sadly, due to other circumstances, there was a division resulting in the Minister and half the congregation leaving to establish another church. Since then there is a growing new freedom, excitement and enthusiasm in those remaining and new people are now joining the congregation and VMTC is now being encouraged and supported.

We decided to re-apply, and were then given full use of the whole complex for our school this year and by the week before our school ALL the impediments were taken away.

28 people attended our school, 8 coming for their first school and we had 13 Lead Prayer Ministers.

The unity, excitement and enthusiasm from every person at the school were a wonder to behold.

The School Directors, Bronwyn Jones and Richard Holloway, and other members of the local Team took the teaching to a new level and also ensured the smooth running of the school; the worship was both exciting and enriching.

The food was great; a small Team from the school arranged breakfast each day for everybody, delicious lunches with great home-made soups and sandwiches were supplied by the local church ladies and each evening we strolled about 100 metres to a local Bistro for very sumptuous dinners – How good is that? How great is our God? Awesome.

​The first school that I did was a true blessing,

The first school that I did was a true blessing, I received much blessing and learned so much about prayer & healing, from a great team, I came away from the first school on fire, this was back in Oct 2014

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