Personal Ministry

This is a simple but careful method of prayer ministry, based on biblical teaching, which includes cleansing from sin, healing, deliverance and empowering by Holy Spirit. Based on Luke 4:18-19 “The spirit of the Lord is upon me; He has anointed me to preach good news to the poor; He has sent me to heal the broken hearted and to announce that captives shall be released and the blind shall see, that the downtrodden shall be freed from the oppressors, and that God is ready to give blessings to all who come to him.” (Living Bible)

This ministry is not designed as a crisis ministry, but rather to facilitate a deep and profound work, helping people submit their lives and problems to God’s forgiveness and healing. They are conducted by an experienced team working in unity with Holy Spirit to facilitate a totally confidential ministry. All VMTC ministers are trained and accredited by the Australian VMTC Board and are required to undergo biennial re-accreditation. There is no charge for VMTC Prayer Ministry. All of those who are trained as prayer ministers carry out the ministry on a voluntary basis.

Freed To Live

This course introduces foundational concepts of VMTC and their scriptural premise. The emphasis is on each individual’s position in Christ and how this authority can bring personal freedom. Freed to Live is offered in two levels, Freed to Live 101 (Preparing for Personal Ministry) & Freed to Live 102 (Learning to Use some of the Basics of the Ministry). The basic teaching is offered either over seven separate sessions which may be a week apart and could be held during the day or at night or over a Friday night and or a Saturday.

VMTC Training Schools

VMTC Schools aim to train people to minister to others, bring personal healing and wholeness, teach on areas of sin and bondage and the way to freedom. It also includes your own confidential, prayer ministry session. As it is a training school, you will receive basic training in how to minister God’s healing and will also observe the ministry in action. All schools include precious times of worship, communion and blessing. Advance training is offered from your third school onwards.


As a general guide, the following are offered:

  • Information Days / Evenings: 2-3 hours (No Cost)
  • Personal, Confidential, Prayer Ministry: 3-5 hours (No Cost)
  • Freed to Live 101 & 102 Course: Fri Night and/or Sat or can be adapted to suit the need (no cost).
  • VMTC Training Schools: Live in  from Mon/Tues to Friday OR Thurs/Fri to Monday Or Wednesday to Saturday depending on the location. Live in/Live out schools are offered in a few locations. (estimated cost $60 for registration plus $350-$450 for accommodation). Please email via the Contact Us page or the Training Schools page for more information.

I want to see others receive healing, freedom and forgiveness

VMTC ministry brought me into freedom from things that I hadn’t received healing from in nearly 40 years as a Christian believer. I like it because VMTC ministry: works, (like an encounter with Jesus)continues the work of Jesus as described in…

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