It was only my 3rd school but I know from the previous 2 that God shows up powerfully when people pray in unity and the power and leading of Holy Spirit.

I still don’t think I was prepared for what God did. I was blown away and in awe of our incredible GOD.

Holy Spirit brought to mind for healing the traumatic birth of my middle son and some important associated events. I felt that there was an exchange for my son and myself, that what satan caused for our destruction, God had turned on its head and would use for His glory.

Also I wasn’t expecting to be used as a support but I was called on in the final ministry time to do this for the first time. God far surpassed my prayers for His help and I was not left to sink or even swim but felt incredibly Holy Spirit led once I surrendered to Him.

I can highly recommend such a safe gently and godly place to find healing and inspiration.

The first school that I did was a true blessing, I received much blessing and learned so much about prayer & healing, from a great team, I came away from the first school on fire, this was back in Oct 2014

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