My personal ministry session took place on the first night of the school. I was able to share about my tragic circumstances in the previous few years. This included the death of my husband and my son-in-law in December 2021 and the impact of grief on my family; the burden of caring for my husband Alan who had a degenerative disease; the distancing of family members during ‘Covid’; my unfair dismissal from the health service I worked in for 8 years; my 17-year journey with breast cancer and the recent diagnosis on 6 April, 2022 of metastatic breast cancer that spread to my liver, indicating a tumour the size of an Orange. The Prayer Ministers prayed for me addressing each of these traumatic experiences. During the healing prayers I felt the presence of God and a tremendous rush of joy and renewed hope and happiness.God’s comfort and peace prevailed all through that night as I slept.

On waking the following morning, I felt what seemed like a warm sticky liquid on my chest. I discovered that my pyjamas were drenched with dark red sticky blood. It was still oozing. I sat on the side of the bed, feeling quite bewildered.There was a lot of blood, but I felt at peace. I felt normal! My temperature was normal; blood pressure was normal; no increased heart rate; and I didn’t feel faint. Nothing felt wrong, except that I was covered in blood.

As I showered, my peace remained.It was not easy to wash away the sticky blood.I noticed a lot of dead tissue as well.I found the source of the bleed, below the mastectomy site. I asked Father God to help me manage this most peculiar situation. Within minutes, the flow of blood became a trickle and then stopped completely. I was amazed!

I looked for the exit point, a hole, a scab, anything! There was none. My skin was intact. I concluded that this was a miracle. My heart stirred with thankfulness that God was looking after me and I felt so well.

I realised this whole event had been perfectly construed by God. God had assigned me to a shared room with my friend Karen who helped me practically. Miraculously, there was a washing machine and dryer onsite and we were able to wash down the vinyl-covered mattress, the bed linen and my pyjamas. No stains remained! I continued on with my responsibilities at the school without any problem.

I asked God for more revelation about this unusual and strange experience. A couple of days passed before I fully comprehended that God had expelled the dead tissue, the stagnant blood and the cancerous tumour.Needless to say, testimony time on the last day was a wonderful opportunity to share this miracle.

The following morning, I received a text message from Ian (Melbourne Director) who had been praying for healing ever since I told him about my April diagnosis. Ian heard God say “It’s done, your prayer has been heard”.

What a divine confirmation of my healing miracle! How great and glorious is our God!

Proverbs 3:5-8

The first school that I did was a true blessing, I received much blessing and learned so much about prayer & healing, from a great team, I came away from the first school on fire, this was back in Oct 2014

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