Quite simply, it has meant 'Life' to us. Going to our first School was like stepping through a door into another Realm entirely where JESUS is Lord, truly Lord and King like we had not encountered in Christendom up to that point. We began our Ministry Training at a time of our lives that was in great turmoil due to our Migration to Australia from Scotland. There was HUGE upheaval, and we couldn't find much to laugh about! However, going to that first School in the middle 1990's we laughed more than we had in years and found the laughter very healing. We had been happily married for more than 20yrs at that stage, but, we can tell you that for us, after the School, it was as though we had just become married. We'd held no deep secrets or sins of life, at all, but a LOT of rubbish we were unaware of was ripped away because we were taken by the Ministry into areas of our soul that usually never see the light of day and found ourselves in love with quite new people!! We began discovering the 'real' people, and subsequent years have seen the maturing transformation continue, hopefully forever. Father God, you are Wonder-full.

I was raised as a Christian but there were some fundamentally dysfunctional issues with my family which continued to affect me well into my 30's. Through VMTC Jesus healed me of 20+ years of depression. Since then every member of my family has…

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